Hey there Strider!

Hey there Striderrr!

This unit has some news for you concerning progress beyond the demo!
Yes! There are 31 factions.
With many sprites of all factions already drawn.
There is much story to each of the factions as well as a mysterious crazy story to what is actually going on here.
The code for the open world is already complete as is trading, however you will find neither in the demo that is currently available.
Surely the dust biscuits are the ones you would want to blame for that!
Comment if you are interested in seeing more of this game and you can bet your rusted rings that more will follow!

Salutations strider and remember to keep your 1950s greasy hair greased because no one should be allowed to change who you are.
This unit values this time we are spending together.


Dustlands 1-1.exe (19 MB)
100 days ago

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